The Team

Our creative team

Pushyamitra Jha is the Creative Head and Manager of this firm who believes that “Every person in this world is creative and he or she just has to realize where it lies for them.” He who started his profession as a video editor in mid of 2014 has worked for various production houses and T.V. channels and has developed the skills in various video production activities like Script writing, film direction, video editing, and others. Coming from a business family he knows the importance and responsibilities one has to have while taking on any project. In his school days, he participated in various activities and sports, taking the leaders position due to which he has a close encounter with the hard work and responsibilities of a leader. He wants his future to be creative where he can use his all might.

Pushyamitra Jha

(Creative Head & Manager)

Abhijeet Singh is the founder of Musicians hub who believes that music should spread in every inch of the world, trying to promote more and more music and musicians around the world! 

He started his career in stock market 2014 but his interest’s leads him into the world of music. It’s been 6 years now and still working hard day and night to fulfill his dreams.

He has organised many big events for some known corporate’s and has managed some great artists. He has very creative mind which sparkles every event he organize. He thinks music rejuvenate your inner soul and mind. He has also interests in photography, exploring new places and a big fan of football! He thinks music has its own way of life and trying to make better future for Musicians and music!!


Abhijeet Singh

(Event and artist manager)

Chandra Prakash is not an old type guy, like his Name, Rather he is a truly ambitious and hard worker with full of dreams.
There is a very amazing story behind Chandra’s becoming a digital marketer.
August 2018, during an office meeting, Instead of listening to the service head of Delhi (Vodafone India), a person was running social media in his own phone, then they taunted and advised him to become a digital marketer, at that time he kept the phone in his pocket.,
Later he thought why not listen to the boss, and that day started his journey to become a digital marketer, and started reading about digital marketing, by the end of November he left his Vodafone Job and took admission into an Institute of Digital Marketing.,
And in July 2019 he started his first digital marketing internship.
And moved his career on a new path!

Chandra’s favorite quote is…
Show the world what you can do

Chandra Prakash

(Social Media Expert & Digital Marketer)

Abhinav Gupta has Studied Photography from Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication, Delhi (2019) whatever the subject, He brings a Unique and devoted eye to his Project and Assignments.

His approach to Photography is Relational, Focusing on Connection and trust.

He is a Passionate Photographer that enjoys the Stranger things in his life. He is always Interested in to world around him and shows it through his Artistic Genius

Finding a way to merge Creativity and a deep Desire to Connect led him to become a Photographer.

Abhinav Gupta

(Cinematographer and photographer

Aman is a man of varied interests. Being a polyglot, churning diverse content comes naturally to him. Having experience of four years in managing digital campaigns & content creation, he pitches out of the box ideas & adds distinctiveness to the content. He is a team player & always helps others in delivering their best.

When not working, he can be found watching dog videos or planning trips to Europe he knows he can’t afford.


(Content Writer & Digital Media Expert)